Japanese food

A journey to experience Japan's fascinating food culture

Japanese food culture is rich in history and tradition, and is loved all over the world. Experience the stories woven by Japanese food culture, along with beautiful presentation that stimulates the senses and heartfelt hospitality. Come join us on an unforgettable journey through the flavors of Japan.


Kobe beef

Kobe beef is a world-famous Japanese high-quality Wagyu beef, known for its unique taste and high quality. Below we provide explanations and mouth-watering and fascinating information about Kobe beef

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Dandan noodles

Authentic Sichuan fire return and super spicy! The numbing aroma of authentic dan dan noodles will whet your appetite. One sip and a tingling numbness will run through your entire body!
Enjoy the taste of truly delicious Dandan noodles created by the skills of authentic Sichuan craftsmen!

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If you want to enjoy the taste of Japan, be sure to try “Monjayaki”! The fluffy dough is filled with fresh vegetables, seafood, and your favorite toppings. Enjoying the process of baking your own food also brings a lot of fun. One bite and you'll be able to experience the Japanese food culture that can be heard from street corner stalls.

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When you take a bite, the outside is crispy and fragrant, while the inside is filled with the rich flavor of octopus. The special sauce, mayonnaise, and green seaweed mix together to create a truly exquisite dish. The cooking process is also part of the fun; pouring the batter into the takoyaki maker and carefully flipping each piece one by one as it bakes is a true craftsmanship. Takoyaki is a familiar food in the Kansai region that can be easily enjoyed at Japanese food stalls, izakaya bars, and festivals.

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